Guardian Early Learning Enterprise Agreement

The Guardian Early Learning Enterprise Agreement: What it Means for Educators

The Guardian Early Learning Group, Australia`s largest privately-owned early education provider, recently finalized its new enterprise agreement with the Australian Education Union (AEU). The agreement covers over 2,500 Guardian employees across the country and includes significant improvements to pay and conditions for early educators.

So, what does this mean for educators in Guardian`s network?

First and foremost, the new agreement includes a 15% pay increase over three years, bringing Guardian`s wages in line with those of teachers in the government-run preschool sector. This is a significant and much-needed step in recognizing the value and importance of early education and the work that educators do to support children`s development.

In addition to the pay increase, the agreement includes a more transparent pay structure that rewards experience and qualifications. This means that educators will be able to track their progress and be fairly compensated for their expertise and dedication to their profession.

The new agreement also includes provisions for professional development and training, ensuring that educators have access to ongoing support and opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge. This is critical to maintaining a high-quality early education environment that supports children`s learning and development.

Another major improvement in the new enterprise agreement is a greater focus on job security and stability. The agreement includes provisions for fixed-term contracts and protections against casualization, ensuring that educators can have a sense of security and stability in their work and home lives.

Additionally, the new agreement strengthens provisions for workplace safety and protections against discrimination, harassment, and bullying. This is an important step in creating a safe and respectful workplace for all educators and staff members.

Overall, the new Guardian Early Learning Enterprise Agreement represents a significant step forward for early education and the recognition of the important work that educators do. By improving pay, conditions, and job security, Guardian is helping to ensure that educators can continue to provide high-quality early education that supports children`s learning and development.

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